Shipping requirements for Class 8 dangerous goods

Time: 2022-10-18

The common UN numbers of the 8 types of dangerous goods are UN3260, UN3261, UN3262, UN3263, UN3264, UN3265, etc.

The 8 categories of dangerous goods are subdivided into categories 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3 dangerous goods.

8.1 Corrosives presenting acidic properties

8.2 Corrosives presenting alkalinous properties

8.3 Other corrosives

Acids and bases cannot be packed in one box. Especially when LCL, it needs to be separated.

8 types of dangerous goods, whether it is Shanghai Overseas Port or Shanghai Yangshan Port, generally do not need to be loaded on the side of the ship and can enter the port directly (except for Yangshan Phase III)

Class 8 dangerous goods can be shipped LCL or FCL by sea. Some shipping companies require you to provide the PH value when booking, so as to determine whether the cargo is acid or alkali.

The shipping company application form often needs to be filled in, the isolation item, if it is sour, it is written to isolate it from the acid.

If it is alkaline, the isolation item is written to be isolated from alkaline.

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